Web Scraping from Bloomberg – Python

The below code is a simple web scraper to grab the name and price of the S&P 500 Index from the Bloomberg website. There are a few different libraries for scraping available for Python to create the same output, but … Read More

Domestic Airlines Facebook Impact – Power BI

Airlines are one of the most fascinating industries in my opinion. And since summer is right around the corner, I wanted to take a look at how the largest airlines in the United States stack up on Facebook. Which airline … Read More

Activity Monitor Query – SQL Server

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is the standard tool for managing any SQL infrastructure. It provides tools to configure, monitor and administer SQL instances. The Activity Monitor is a tool used to view the overall health of an instance and … Read More

Bitcoin Price Tracker – Power BI

I created a daily bitcoin price tracker for all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Power BI using data from CoinDesk. The tracker starts at the beginning of 2017 and refreshes daily will the current Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) price on CoinDesk. … Read More

Consumer Trailer Mfgs Facebook Demo – Power BI

The consumer trailer industry is steadily growing and their social media presence should be too. PJ Trailers is one of the leading consumer grade trailer manufacturers in the United States and below is their Facebook page data. The data is … Read More

GPU Mining Rig Build Progress – Computers

Background I learned about the “crypto boom” in late April 2017 and after discussing it among friends for about a month, I went out and bought a few GPUs and created a rig to mine Ethereum. I actually picked up … Read More

Dallas Police Incidents 2016 – Power BI

Below is data from Dallas Open Data and is an interactive dashboard showing all the Dallas PD 911 responses from 2016. Incidents are categorized into 15 groups for easier filtering. The dashboard is best viewed at in fullscreen mode.  Source: www.dallasopendata.com